Accounts Receivable

  • Prepare invoices for email or regular mail
  • Record deposits and customer payments
  • Review Accounts Receivable every month with Management
  • Prepare monthly statements for mailings

Accounts Payable

  • Track vendors for IRS Tax Form 1099
  • Prepare invoices for vendors
  • Process bill payments

Monthly Closing

  • Reconcile asset and bank accounts
  • Enter monthly journal data
  • Prepare financial statements every month


  • Assist in preparation of budget
  • Monitor cash flow


  • Document budget vs actual data

Payroll Management

  • Compile and submit payroll to your processor
  • Record payroll to ledger

Tax Related Services

  • IRS Form 1099 preparation
  • CPA preparation – Coordinate audits and tax returns

Microsoft Office Documents

  • Reporting, Document and PDF creation (MS Word)
  • Spreadsheet generation (MS Excel)